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Upcoming Provincial Elections

Did you know that Ontario is heading to the polls on June 2, 2022? Now, more than ever,  Therapeutic Recreation professionals need to have their voices heard! Healthcare is a provincial responsibility. With a provincial election coming up in June 2022, we have an opportunity to insert Therapeutic Recreation into the conversation. TRO is developing strategies to raise the voice of Therapeutic Recreation at both the provincial and community levels. 

Covid has been challenging for Therapeutic Recreation professionals in all sectors, who often had to wear many hats, with limited resources available to them. This is why we need to seize this opportunity to have our voices heard. We need to let elected officials know why Therapeutic Recreation matters and why Therapeutic Recreation professionals deserve their support and recognition.

Advocacy is Everyone’s Responsibility!

We need all our members to get involved and advocate for change. Advocacy is everyone’s responsibility. Investing in advocacy produces results, often in ways we don’t expect. An example of this is when the Patient Ombudsman stated that more RT staff should be hired to offset the impacts of Covid restrictions (December 15, 2021), a statement which resulted from a meeting with TRO's former ED, TRO's Past-President, and the former Patient Ombudsman in 2020. 

Our efforts are not going unnoticed. Let’s build on the momentum and keep it going. Advocacy is a long-term strategy requiring persistence and it is up to all of us (TRO and our members) to collectively raise our voices. Have your voice be heard. 

Get Involved in Our Letter Campaign

How can you help? We’ve made it easy for you. Send a letter to your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) using the template letter below, you can customize the letter with your own experiences, challenges, and triumphs or you can send the letter as is. It is important for your MPPs to hear from people, like you, who are helping residents/clients/patients find meaning and purpose through Therapeutic Recreation. Feel free to add your organizations' letterhead.

Step by Step Instructions for Letter Campaign

All you have to do is...

  1. Open your browser and minimize
  2. Open your browser and search: elections.on.ca
    • Scroll down to find: Voter Information Service
    • Insert your postal code press Search
    • Please write down your riding also known as your electoral district and your Member of Provincial Parliament
    • Now click on your member of parliament's name. This will bring you to a profile page where you can access their email. Click the email address. It should automatically open an email for you. Please minimize this as we will be coming back to this. 
  3. Open the letter you downloaded earlier
    • At the top, insert your MPPs name to address this letter. 
    • Next, insert your electoral district in the highlighted section.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the document and insert your name and email. 
    • ** if you chose the personal story letter, this is when you would fill this out as well**
  5. Next, open your minimize email. You will see that the MPPs email address is filled in. 
    • Under CC: we ask that you type ed@trontario.org
    • Please fill out the subject to be: Constituent Outreach: Therapeutic Recreation 
  6. Insert/Attach your saved letter. 
    • It is up to you what you want to write in the body, feel free to keep it simple and state see attachment. 
  7. Sign and Send.

Still need help? Here's a clip from our webinar on February 23, 2022

Watch our Advocacy Webinar Recording

Want to learn more? TRO's Past-President, Katherine Plested, R/TRO, and current TRO President, Shannon McCallum, R/TRO hosted a webinar on Wednesday, February 23. The webinar focused on our advocacy efforts in preparation for the upcoming provincial elections. Click here to register for the Thinkific platform and watch the full webinar recording.