On December 19, 2016 a presentation outlining the value of Therapeutic Recreation (TR) in the community took place with representatives from the Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant (HNHB) Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). This presentation followed the request in our June e-TRO for members to help with our initiative to present to as many LHINs as possible, advocating for the value of TR in the community throughout the province and ultimately contributing to our goal of moving the profession forward.

The article in our June e-TRO indicated that the LHIN working group had created a presentation demonstrating the value of TR in the community, outlining current gaps in the community and cost savings associated with hiring TR professionals in the community. Representatives from the LHIN working group presented to the North East LHIN this past May and requested that interested members utilize the resources TRO created to present to their local LHINs to advocate for the TR profession throughout the province. For more details about the working group, please visit our Advocacy webpage.

Julie Pollock, R/TRO Field Placement Specialist at Mohawk College responded to the request and connected with TRO to indicate her interest in promoting the value of TR in the community. TRO linked Julie with other interested members from her local area; Jackie Frail, R/TRO, Susy Marrone, R/TRO and Carolyn Triemstra and provided them the Power Point presentation along with a folder of handouts developed by our LHIN working group. Julie then reached out to her local LHIN and coordinated a meeting with two representatives from the HNHB LHIN; Cheryl Cullimore, Senior Advisor, Access to Care and Kate MacNeil, Advisor Access to Care.

On December 19, 2016, Jackie a professor at Niagara College took the lead in following the very informative power point presentation created by our LHIN working group. The presentation included information about what Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is and what the role of TRO is in Ontario. She focused on the community practice piece within our Standards of Practice and provided real life examples of how TR is being utilized in the community.

Along with Jackie, Julie touched on specific agencies and programs that have embraced TR practices by creating public awareness about dementia, mental illness and addictions. All agencies expressed how important the TR role has been in improving overall health, community engagement and minimizing prematurely admittance into Long Term Care. Specific trends in healthcare were discussed pertaining to the aging populations and the need for more preventative education and greater need for active leisure for our baby boomers.

Carolyn Triemstra. Associate Dean of Allied Health at Niagara College spoke specifically about the HNHB LHIN integrated health service plan and patient first strategy. She reiterated that since we service across the lifespan, TR can bring a unique perspective to the LHINs access to care mandate.

The presentation concluded with a video interview of a client that services the South Niagara Health and Wellness Centre to bring about client experience and the benefits TR provides which seemed to be very well received. All members involved believe it was a great success and encouraged the LHIN representatives to share our information with other colleagues so that additional conversations can occur in the future.

The goal of the LHIN working group was to develop a presentation that can be delivered to as many LHINs as possible. To help with this process, we need the support of TRO members! Do you have any connections or contacts with your local LHIN? Are you interested in presenting the value of TR to your local LHIN? TRO is here to support you with the appropriate materials or if you prefer, TRO will do the presentation after you introduce us to your local LHIN.

Help make a difference and get involved in moving TR forward!

If you are interested in helping with a presentation to your local LHIN, or would like more details, please contact Rozalyn Werner-Arce at ed@trontario.org

Established in 1999, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is the only professional association that represents Therapeutic Recreation practitioners in the province.

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