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Our Vision

Therapeutic Recreation for All.

Our Mission

Leading the TR profession through growth, advocacy and innovation.


For more information on Therapeutic Recreation Ontario's new Vision and Mission, please see our News & Events page. 


TRO's Philosophical Statement for Recreation Therapy

The purpose of Recreation Therapy is to enable all individuals to achieve quality of life, and optimal health through meaningful experiences in recreation and leisure. We believe in the inherent capacities of individuals for personal growth, happiness and freedom. Recreation Therapy is a profession which provides service to, and advocates for individuals with physical, mental, social, behavioural or emotional limitations in a variety of settings such as hospitals, long-term care settings, day programs, community-based programs, and mental health centres. The Recreation Therapy profession recognizes the right of all citizens to have access to and the freedom to choose recreation and leisure opportunities regardless of their physical, financial, developmental, emotional, or social challenges OR the barriers imposed on them by society at large.

The foundation of the Recreation Therapy profession is the establishment of authentic relationships with the individual receiving services and all other key stakeholders. Utilizing a collaborative approach, Recreation Therapy follows a systematic process of assessment, goal-setting, program/intervention development, individual and group facilitation, documentation, and evaluation. Programs are designed to promote independent functioning within the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, behavioural and social domains, and to educate individuals about the skills and resources required to participate in recreation and leisure. The Recreation Therapy profession utilizes evidence-based practice to create outcome-based interventions suitable to the client’s abilities. As part of its advocacy, Recreation Therapy is committed to educating society about the rights and capacities of all citizens to participate in recreation and leisure. 


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If you are interested in enhancing your resume, networking, having a voice in the future of the TR profession and obtaining professional contribtuion points, consider volunteering on a TRO Committee. Members interested in becoming a TRO volunteer are encouraged to complete the Volunteer Form where you can indicate your skills, interests and availability.

TRO is a professional non-profit association that represents the interests and advocates on behalf of its members.  Membership fees are used to build and support membership services and advance the profession through programs and services such as a recognized registration designation (R/TRO and R/TRO DIP), opportunities for continuing educationadvocacy with relevant stakeholders, marketing of the impact and value of recreation therapy, support to research through the Therapeutic Recreation Practice and Research Journal of TRO and ongoing operational support such as the website including many members-only pages.