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2021 Award Winner: Ashley Palmer

(formerly known as the Advanced Practice in TR Award)

This award was created to honour and recognize those individuals in TR who continue to elevate the practice of Therapeutic Recreation through innovation in research and practice. They have created new programs or documents that practitioners are able to use in daily practice through their evidence-based research. This award acknowledges that, because of their contribution to TR, the profession has been positively impacted. This award title was changed this year to highlight TRs who are being innovative and elevating the profession in unique ways during their practice. 

This award was established in 2015 to highlight Registered Professional Members of TRO who elevate the practice of TR.


Past award winners

2019 Kamila Gemin, R/TRO
2018 Jennifer Ashby, R/TRO
2017 Kristen English, R/TRO
2016 Kim Durst-Mackenzie, R/TRO
2015 Kim Lopez and Carrie Briscoe


Award Information

The Winner Receives

  • One Complimentary Registered Professional membership renewal

  • Professional Contribution points for initial Registration (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) application (awarded = 4, nominated = 2, to a maximum total of 6 points)

  • Recognition at the Annual TRO Conference Awards Ceremony Dinner (includes two complimentary tickets)

  • TRO Award plaque

  • Recognition in various TRO communications: TRO website, e-TRO, TRO Blog, etc. 

Nomination Criteria

A nominee must demonstrate:

  • Development of innovative practice, research or advancement in the profession

  • Evidence of stimulating adoption of said practice(s) by professional at local, regional and provincial level and/or national level

  • Demonstrate transfer of knowledge and expertise to other professionals through innovative activities such as presentations, publishing, dissemination of  templates/documents for agency utilization

  • Must hold R/TRO or R/TRO DIP designation

  • This award is open to any  Registered professional/educator in the field (current TRO Board of Directors are not eligible for this award). 

Selection Process

The Awards Sub-Committee consists of a minimum of three volunteers including: at least one representative from the Membership Services Committee and up to six TRO members (TRO's Communications Coordinator is an ex-officio member). It is responsible for reviewing TRO award nominations and will forward recommendations to the Membership Services Committee for approval by the TRO board of directors. ‚ÄčThe selection committee will identify if there is a conflict of interest with any of the award categories, any persons with a conflict of interest will not be part of the discussion and decision-making process for that award. 

Application Requirements

Anyone may nominate a Registered Professional member for this award.

How To Apply

  1. Download the award nomination form (Innovation in TR Award Nomination Form Questions), complete and save on your computer.

  2. Upload your completed form (describing how your nominee meets the criteria for this award) in the award nomination form below.

  3. Complete and submit the award nomination form. 

Award Application

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