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TRO Organization Award

This award was created to honour the individual / organization who shows outstanding support to the TR profession. This individual / organization assists in contributing to TR and elevating the field by supporting innovative programming, education, TR Awareness Month (etc.).  The TRO Organization Award highlights an outstanding individual / organization who continues to support the growing profession of TR.

2018 Award Winner

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Recreation Therapy Team

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


This award was created in 2015 to highlight individuals / organizations who contribute to TR by suppporting the profession.

Past award winners:


Niagara College


Sienna Senior Living


Dr. Mary Ann Mountain

Nomination Criteria:

A nominee must be employed in a leadership position not necessary in TR (Supervisor, Leaders, Managers, Directors, Presidents).

Examples of outstanding support of the TR profession:

  • Actively hiring TR trained staff
  • Promoting the development of staff
  • Supporting staff to be a part of TRO
  • Organization attending TRO Conference 
  • Organization participating in TR Month

The Winner Receives:

Selection Process:

  • All identifying information will be removed prior to selection committee review

The Awards Sub-Committee consists of a minimum of 3 volunteers including: at least one representative from the Membership and Professional Services Committee and up to six TRO members (the TRO Communications Coordinator is an ex-officio member). It is responsible for reviewing TRO award nominations and will forward recommendations to the Membership and Professional Services Committee for approval by the TRO board of directors.

Application Requirements

Anyone may nominate an individual or organization for this award. Download the award nomination form questions, complete and save on your computer. Upload your completed form (describing how your nominee meets the criteria for this award) where indicated in the award nomination form below. Complete and submit the award nomination form. 

Download TRO Organization Award Nomination Form Questions

If you have any questions about the award nomination process, please contact the Communications Coordinator at: communications@trontario.org 

Thank you for your involvement in the award application process!


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