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2019-2020 TRO Board of Directors

L to R: Nancy Kahl, Sonia Roul, Nancy de Vera, Katherine Lee, Katherine Plested, Sue Verrilli, Lindsey Oretan, Jeff Gall, Shannon McCallum, Monica Almas
Absent: Jackie Frail

The TRO Board consists of elected volunteers who chair the standing committees listed below.  Board members are nominated as president-elect (three-year term) or as board members at large (two-year term).

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TRO Committees

(Click below to download committee descriptions and terms of reference for each of the different TRO Committees)

Governance and Nominations Committee

Provide advice on policy governance matters, the Board’s effective and efficient operations and succession planning


Terms of Reference

Membership Services Committee

Provide general membership services including information, resources, networking, professional development and membership benefits to all members and prospective members


Terms of Reference

Executive Committee

Provide governance between board meetings and advice, mentorship and support to the President


Terms of Reference

Practice Review Committee

Conduct activities, advise and create pathways for Registration, professional development and ongoing education


Terms of Reference

Finance Committee

Monitor, advise and be accountable to organization’s financial management and reporting risk management as related to other (i.e. contracts)


Terms of Reference

Advocacy Committee

Develop a plan to broaden our reach to various stakeholders, as well as the implementation of advocacy strategies, resources and tools

Terms of Reference

Professional Development Committee

Develop and implement a strategy that offers quality professional development opportunities to TRO members and non-members who are practising Therapeutic Recreation

Terms of Reference

Marketing and Communications Committee

To market and promote the advancement of the TR profession


Terms of Reference

President Advisory Committee ad-hoc committee

1. The President’s Advisory Committee is an ad-hoc committee that meets at the request of the President to provide advice, mentorship and support to the President, subject to the Bylaws and Board policies.

2. The purpose of this committee is to advise the President on matters relevant to the TRO Board of Directors, its membership and the strategic plan.


Terms of Reference

Therapeutic Recreation Provincial Education Steering Committee (TRPESC) ad-hoc committee

The TRPESC Committee meets at the request of the Board or the Chair to make recommendations to the TRO Board of Directors relating to TR/RT education considerations and the impact of the recommendations on TRO processes. This working committee exists to direct and advance TR education in the province of Ontario in accordance with TRO’s Standards of Practice and strategic direction.


Terms of Reference