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2017 TRO Conference Presentations

For those of you attending this conference who like to print off slides ahead of time to take notes, presentations and handouts will be uploaded to the TRO website as they are received. Presentation material submitted after the conference will also be uploaded for your reference. This page will remain available for all delegates for 30 days after the conference. After July 2, 2017, TRO Members may continue to access these slides from the Annual TRO Conference webpage when logged in as a member. 

Wednesday May 31, 2017
Session Title Slides / Handouts
K1 Keynote: Dr. Jennie Slides
W1 Identifying & Overcoming Barriers to Writing for Publication Slides -rev
W2 Laughter Yoga is the Best Medicine Slides
W3 Equity Versus Equality in TR Practice Slides Handout
W4 Man's Search for Meaning... Slides
W5 Sharing Your Experience through TRPR: Journal of TRO Slides
W6 Improving Quality of Life for Residents with Dysphagia Slides
W7 Quality Improvement Project: Individualized Care Planning Slides
W8 Having a Ball: FUNctional Fitness Slides
W9 Empowering Dementia Day Program Clients through Photo Voice Slides

Thursday June 1, 2017

Session Title Slides / Handouts
K2 John Davidson  
T1 Drumming & Rhythm for Health and Well-Being Slides Handout
T2 How to Incorporate Laughter in & Out of the Workplace Slides
T3 Ontario's Dementia Strategy: The Role of TR Planning for the Future  
T4 The "R" Word: Turning the LCM into Research at Waypoint Slides
T5 Institutional, Community and Private Practice Service Delivery: Perspective from an Experienced Researcher/Practitioner/Manager Slides
T6 Building Bridges with Opening Minds through Art  
T7 Ageless Aqua -Land Meets Water -PART 1 Handout
T8 A New Life! Residents Helping Residents Live Purposeful Lives Slides Handout
T9 Implementing Creative & Meaningful Progam in LTC Setting Slides
T10 The Science Behind Aromatherapy & IT's Effects on Mood & Emotions Slides
T11 Ageless Aqua -Land Meets Water PART 2 see T7 handout
T12 The Adaptive Cooking Program Slides
T13 Person Centered Care for Persons with Dementia Slides Handout
T14 Provincial TR Stroke Core Competencies Slides
T15 Effects of Colouring on Student Stress Levels Slides Handout1 Handout2

Friday June 2, 2017

Session Title Slides / Handouts

Part 1: Exploring Community Inclusion in Older Adulthood Through the Use of Computer & Tablets

Part 2: New and Innovative Ambient Technologies for Dementia

Part 1 Slides 

Part 2 Slides

F2 Introduction to Barber Stick Therapy Slides
F3 The Sienna Experience; A Culture Change Journey Slides
F4 Cycling without Age-Enhancing Lives in Seniors Slides
F5 Neuroscience 101: Learn to Flex Your Brain  
F6 Cretaing a Seniors Community of Learners from Coast to Coast Slides
F7 Fit Minds Interat Individual Program and Dementia Slides
F8 Meditation Labyrinth Handout
F9 Minds in Motion: Benefits of Care Partner Participation



Leisure Jenga

Take a Penny

F10 The Integrated Sensory Experience Project Slides