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Transition Discount

(valid July 1st, 2018 – August 31st, 2019)

EIM Student Graduates can renew as a Professional Member of TRO using the Transition Discount code and SAVE 50%!

EIM Student members will receive their code via email.


Steps to Renewing your Membership:

1. Login to the TRO Website (www.trontario.org)

2. Go to the Become a Member webpage under the MEMBERSHIP tab

3. In the Professional Membership box select Change Membership Category

4. Follow the prompts and upon payment apply your Transition Discount code to receive 50% off your first Professional Membership with TRO. 


Welcome TR students and prospective students! Therapeutic Recreation (TR) is an exciting young growing field to become a part of. If you enjoy helping people to obtain their best quality of life this is an excellent career choice for you. For more information about the field of TR and to learn more about what Recreation Therapists do, please see our About Therapeutic Recreation page. For a list of TR programs available in Ontario and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TR education, view the  TR post-secondary programs page.

For those of you who are already pursuing your TR education – congratulations, you are on the right path for a rewarding career! If you have not received your free TRO student membership through your college or university, please ask your instructors if your school has purchased a TRO Education Institution Membership before you sign-up for our student membership! Some of the benefits of membership that are most relevant to students include:

Benefits of Student Membership

About Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO)

TRO is a voluntary membership association that is dedicated to guiding, supporting, educating and advocating for its members. Visit our "About TRO" webpage to learn more.

Registration with TRO (R/TRO & R/TRO DIP)

The R/TRO and R/TRO DIP designations are currently a voluntary credential that demonstrates excellence in four key areas: TR experience, formal education, professional affiliation and professional contributions. As you prepare for your career in TR, please visit the Registration with TRO (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) webpage for all the details.

What Makes TR an Amazing Career?

See what students studying Recreation Therapy at Niagara College had to say when asked “What do you value about Therapeutic Recreation (TR) as your future career?”

“I love the way helping others makes me feel. It is a profession in which I can enjoy going to work every day!”

 “TR is able to reach many populations and has been proven to improve the quality of life of individuals in all aspects of wellness. Regardless of whether it’s in long-term care, with adolescents, children or active healthy adults, TR can be a benefit.”

“As a TR, you are working to improve the quality of someone’s life. To me that is a big role to play and being able to make the connections and build relationships with the individuals you will help is an amazing feeling.”

“Assisting people in achieving a high quality of life through something I am passionate about…Recreation.”

“TR isn’t just a career it is a way of life, a philosophy of well-being.  Long after my career is done, I will still practice the same TR skills I used in my profession.”