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Student TRO memberships activated through Education Institution Membership (EIM) schools are set to expire on August 31, 2019. Ensure your email is up-to-date on your profile, as the Transition Discount code will be sent out in July.

  Recent Grad?

Continue to enjoy membership benefits including job postings, tips for Preparing for TR Job Interviews, FREE downloads of the TRPR Journal of TRO and more! Renew as a Professional Member using the Transition Discount coupon code and SAVE 50% OFF! Check your email for the coupon code and instructions. This discount code is valid July 1 - August 31, 2019.

Returning to School?

If you are returning to a school that has purchased the 2019-2020 TRO Education Institution Membership (EIM), you will receive instructions on how to renew your free student membership in September. 

About the Education Institution Membership (EIM)Student with Backpack

Students attending a recognized post-secondary education institution offering courses in Therapeutic Recreation (TR) may be eligible for a free student membership with TRO! If your school is not on our list of current Education Institution Members, please contact your educator(s) to inquire if they are planning to purchase this membership prior to purchasing your individual student membership.

TRO is a professional association which exists in order to guide, support, educate and advocate for its members and provides direction for the advancement of this young profession. We recognize that students are the future of the TR profession and we want their voices to be heard! The EIM provides an opportunity for all TR students (and one faculty) to experience the benefits of their professional membership association at no cost to them. Educators, please visit our Education Institution Membership webpage for details about purchasing.

Student Benefits of the EIM

TR students have access to the same benefits of a professional membership (excluding voting) without experiencing the fees. Don't miss out! If your school has purchased this opportunity for you, please see the activation instructions below.

★   FREE

★   TRO Membership Directory

★   Job Postings

★   e-TRO newsletter

★   TRO news blog

★   Student Centre

★   Download FREE TRPR Journal

★   Professional Documents (Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics...)

★   Discounts on TRO Conference

★   Networking opportunities

★   Discounts at TRO Store

★   TRO committee opportunities

★   Transition Discount (50% off first Professional Membership)

EIM Activation Instructions


Activate your FREE TRO student membership today to begin receiving membership benefits!

  • Click on Become a Member
  • Scroll to “Student Membership” and click “Join TRO as a New Member”
  • Complete your profile –for organization enter: SCHOOL NAME
  • When prompted to complete payment, enter the Discount Code provided by your educator


Already a student member of TRO? Did you activate a student membership through your school last year? Follow these instructions to renew your student membership:

  • Be sure you have logged into the TRO website and go to your Profile
  • Click on "Renew"
  • Update your profile –for organization enter: SCHOOL NAME
  • When prompted to complete payment, enter the Discount Code provided by your educator

Not attending one of TRO's Education Institution Membership Schools?

Click here to purchase a regular Student Membership with TRO


Please contact the Communications Coordinator with any questions/concerns about the Education Institution Membership.