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TR Curriculum Review for Registration Eligibility

Launched in 2015, the purpose of the TR Curriculum Review for Registration Eligibility process is to assess the curriculum of TR programs (diploma, degree and certificate) to determine alignment with the Essential Competency Framework (ECF). The goal is to standardize curricula across Ontario so that students will experience a consistent academic and practical education, which will effectively prepare them for their Registration designation upon graduation.

Developed by experienced practitioners and educators, the ECF identifies competencies that Recreation Therapy practitioners should have upon graduation from their educational institution, and should continue to practice throughout their career as a Recreation Therapist.

Applying for Registration: Pathway A and B

The following schools have voluntarily provided their curriculum for review. The TRO Practice Review Committee have determined their curriculum to be in alignment with the Essential Competency Framework. Graduates from the following programs may follow Pathway A in the Practical Experience section of the Registration Application Package (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP). Graduates from programs not listed below should follow Pathway B. Students may learn more by clicking here.

Georgian College – Ontario College TR Graduate Certificate Program (Aug. 2016)

Mohawk College – Recreation Therapy Diploma Program (Aug. 2016)

Niagara College – Recreation Therapy Diploma Program (Nov. 2015)

University of Waterloo – Therapeutic Recreation Degree Program (Nov. 2015)

Seneca College – Therapeutic Recreation Degree Program (Aug. 2018)

St. Lawrence College – Therapeutic Recreation Graduate Certificate program (Feb. 2019)

Please note that Confederation College has indicated its intent to submit an application for June 2019.

TRO thanks the members of the Therapeutic Recreation Professional Education Steering Committee (TRPESC) for their participation in the TR Curriculum Review Pilot Project Review process. Schools which intend to submit for the TR Curriculum Review should complete a Declaration to Submit the TR Curriculum Review for Registration Eligibility form and identify the submission deadline the Practice Review Committee can expect your application.


TR Curriculum Review for Registration Eligibility Submission Deadlines:

June 30 and December 30

Download the Declaration to Submit Form


Tips for Submitting TR Curriculum Review Application Package

Use this as a great team building exercise! Get your TR department together to prepare the application. It’s a great way to share your lesson plans, lecture content and get to know each other’s teaching styles! Plus, it reduces the hours needed to prepare the application for each person.

Be sure to follow the submission instructions, organize and label the curriculum content so supporting documentation related to each performance indicator is easy to find. This makes the process much easier for the review committee, and also reduces the likelihood that you will be contacted to re-submit.