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TRO 2020-2021 Webinar Series

TRO is pleased to announce our 2020-21 Webinar Series! Please see below for descriptions for each of our sessions. (Please ensure you are logged in to the TRO website before registering for your webinar).

After each live webinar has taken place you can access the recording on our Webinar Recordings page on the following day. 



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Group fitness, chronic disease, and therapeutic recreation

November 12, 2020 

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Presenter: Emily Johnson, StrongerU Senior Fitness


Developing a virtual TR student placement opportunity

December 1, 11 am to 12 pm

Presenters: Tania Silletta and Patricia Robson, Algonquin College

Due to COVID-19 and self-isolation, many people in our community experienced feelings of social isolation, and limited access to community programs. This opportunity led us to develop an innovative approach in TR that helps reach individuals directly in their homes via virtual individualized and group programs. Through this service, students had the opportunity to develop a strong foundational skills and knowledge using the tools of recreation and leisure to ensure people of all ages and abilities have a healthy social, physical, emotional and cognitive lifestyle, in a unique way. This presentation is an overview of the process, and lessons learned.

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Board games and the positive interventions within a TR setting

January 2020, Date TBD 

Presenters: Lisa Gordon and Jaymieson O'Neill, R/TRO

Inspired by the book Your Move: What Board Games Teach Us About Life, this webinar is designed to provide TR professionals working in various fields with the information and insight needed to effectively use board games as a means of supporting social based TR interventions. Co-presenters Lisa Gordon and Jaymieson O’Neill outline and discuss the diverse impacts playing board games can have when supporting clients in achieving an increase in social, communication, and environmental participation.

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Cultivating gratitude with seniors

February 2020, Date TBD 

Presenter: Jen Tindall, Art Your Service
As aspects of positive psychology are now included in most Therapeutic Recreation curricula, learning ways to apply the concepts of gratitude through activities for seniors is a great way to bring those ideas to life. The Cultivating Gratitude Program includes activities like Unexpected Acts of Kindness which supports empathy and giving as well as conversation starters that provoke positive, hopeful conversations as well as feel-good reminiscences that, when used regularly, can help with depression and anxiety that often can be found in older adults.
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Diversity and inclusion in long term care: enhancing welcoming and affirming spaces

Date TBD 

Presenter: Michelle Fleming, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care at Bruyère

This webinar introduces participants to the Ontario CLRI’s new resource: “Embracing Diversity: A Toolkit for Supporting Inclusion in Long-Term Care Homes.” It provides a deep dive into strategies that recreation therapists can utilize to enhance inclusion in their care home. Through demonstration of some of the learning activities contained within the toolkit, participants will come away with an understanding of how they can utilize these tools. With increasing focus on equity and inclusion in our society, and a deepening understanding of the negative health impacts of systemic racism and discrimination, a growing need for inclusive care and services in LTC exists. 

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