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New Members

If you have never been a member of TRO before, please see below to see which type of membership would be the best fit for you. Thank you very much for supporting Therapeutic Recreation Ontario. **Please note: Membership fees are non-refundable. Please contact the Administrative Coordinator if you have any questions related to memberships.

Registered (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) Professional Membership ($198)

Professional Membership ($198)

  • Currently practicing, supervising, educating, or on leave from the field of TR for a maximum of three years
  • OR a recent graduate from a Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation/Leisure Services program (eligible for one year after official convocation date), and
  • Currently not registered through TRO’s provincial registration process

NOTE: New membership applicants must submit proof of education (photocopy of degree/diploma, photocopy of education transcript)

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Associate Membership ($165)

  • Individuals who are interested in furthering the objectives of TRO and the TR profession, but are ineligible for R/TRO Professional, Professional or Student memberships.

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Student Membership ($70 or FREE for students attending a school with EIP agreement)

  • Individuals who are pursuing a degree or diploma in Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation/Leisure Studies on a full-time basis (must provide proof of this full-time status - i.e. transcript, tuition receipt, acceptance letter etc).

NOTE: Students who attend a school that has an Education Institution Partnership with TRO receive a FREE student membership. Before completing this student membership application, check with your Program Coordinator to determine if your school has an Education Institution Partnership (EIP) agreement. If your school does have an EIP agreement, please make sure to apply your coupon code at checkout (students will receive their school-specific coupon code from their instructor).

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Education Institution Partnership EIP ($350)

  • Recognized post-secondary education institution offering courses in Therapeutic Recreation (TR)
  • Includes TRO Student Memberships for all of your TR students as well as one faculty TRO Membership

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Renewing Members

Thank you very much for your ongoing support of TRO! By renewing your TRO membership you will continue to have access to all of the benefits of the organization. To renew your membership on-line, you must be logged in.

**Please note: TRO Membership fees are non-refundable!

Renew Membership

  • Individuals who have expired memberships or are expiring in the next 1 month and wish to renew their membership. Note: If you wish to renew more than 1 month in advance please contact members@trontario.org.

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