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Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is a provincial professional association providing guidance, support, education and advocacy to enable Therapeutic Recreation practitioners to deliver quality professional services.

Professionals currently practicing in the field of Therapeutic Recreation (TR), individuals who are pursuing a degree or diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, as well as those who are interested in furthering the objectives of TRO and the TR profession are encouraged to become a member of TRO and may join at any time of the year. Already a member? Login at the top of the website to access all of your membership benefits.



TRO Membership Provides



TRO members receive discounted rates

  • TRO education (Annual Conference, webinars, workshops)
  • Promotional items
  • Sonnet Insurance(home and auto)
  • GoodLife Preferred Rate
  • Perkopolis - discounts for entertainment, travel, home, shopping, and more.
  • CAA Corporate Membership
  • Transition Discount - a 50% discount towards purchasing your first Professional membership with TRO upon graduation

Resources to begin a career in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

  • Access to job postings
  • Capitalize on your TR Education
  • Stand-Out Internship/Placement
  • Preparing for TR Job Interviews
  • TRO Membership Directory

Resources to help members obtain a job in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

  • Job postings
  • TRO Membership Directory
  • Networking opportunities (Annual TRO Conference, Social Media sites)
  • Preparing for TR Job Interviews
  • Professional liability insurance

TRO provides a Designation for members to demonstrate they have achieved excellence in the field of Therapeutic Recreation

  • R/TRO designation for excellence in the field
  • Designation Maintenance Process

Professional contribution opportunities to earn points to apply for the Designation (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP)

  • Volunteer on TRO committee, conference committee
  • Submit an article relating to TR for the TRO Blog
  • Attend TRO Sponsored educational events (Annual TRO Conference, webinars, workshops)
  • Organize TR Awareness Month events
  • Submit a best practice article or research paper for the TRPR Journal of TRO
  • TRO Awards and Contests


Continuing Education

  • Annual TRO Conference, webinars, workshops (members receive discounted rate)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Practice & Research Journal (members download free)
  • Upcoming Events list includes educational opportunities throughout the province

Opportunity to connect with Education Institutions

  • Education Institution Partnership Agreement
  • Therapeutic Recreation Provincial Education Steering Committee (TRPESC)
  • TR Curriculum Review - be assured your curriculum aligns with the TRO Standards of Practice and Essential Competency Framework


TRO unites people in the field of Therapeutic Recreation from across the province

  • Strong voice to advocate for Therapeutic Recreation to government, other healthcare professionals and the general public

Tools for members to advocate the value of Therapeutic Recreation

  • TRO Video
  • Brochures 
  • Infographics
  • Elevator Statement
  • Letters to employers communicating the benefit of hiring qualified TRO professionals who have their designation (R/TRO)
  • Promotional items
  • TR Awareness Month Package
  • Therapeutic Recreation Practice and Research (TRPR) Journal of TRO
  • Social Media


Professional documents to guide your TR practice

  • TRO Standards of Practice (french/english)
  • Code of Ethics
  • Essential Competency Framework
  • Role Descriptions

Members stay current with the growing field of TR

  • Regular e-TRO correspondence
  • TRO Blog
  • Social Media
  • Upcoming events