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Congratulations to all TRO members who have recently obtained their registration designation!

Registration (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) Designation Information

The Registration designation demonstrates excellence in the field of Therapeutic Recreation (TR). R/TRO is the designation for degree-prepared practitioners and R/TRO DIP is for diploma-prepared practitioners. Registered Professional TRO members have demonstrated a minimum standard in TR experience, formal education, professional affiliations, and professional contributions.

The Registration Maintenance (Ongoing Professional Contribution) process demonstrates accountability to the Therapeutic Recreation profession in the province of Ontario through continuing with professional contributions after receiving the Registration designation. The maintenance program requires that every five years, R/TRO and R/TRO DIP designation holders must renew their Registration by providing proof of continued learning. This proof is obtained by collecting a minimum 25 professional contribution points within that timeframe.

Registration Updates 2015!!  

For six years now, members have been anticipating education changes to the Registration Application Package. The time has arrived! TRO is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 R/TRO (for degree prepared) and R/TRO DIP (for diploma prepared) application packages!

It's truly a great achievement and honour to be able to offer the Registration designation (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) to members that promotes professionalism and quality Therapeutic Recreation services, while representing the variety of academic pathways available in Ontario.

A lot of consultation and collaboration with the Therapeutic Recreation Provincial Education Steering Committee (TRPESC) took place to ensure an equitable and attainable designation that represents excellence for students graduating from Therapeutic Recreation programs from Ontario's colleges and universities. We'd like to thank the TRPESC committee, the Practice Review Committee volunteers, all the members of TRO who contributed to the successful development of these applications, which can be found on our Registration Application and Appeals webpage.

A key document that has been critical to the academic and practical experience requirements of the Registration application packages is the Essential Competency Framework (ECF). This document, launched earlier in 2015, has been instrumental in identifying key competency dimensions that are essential to the practice of Therapeutic Recreation. The TRO Practice Review Committee is now accepting ECF applications for TR curriculum review. TR programs meeting the ECF requirements will ensure graduates from their program meet the minimum TR experience and formal education points necessary for their registration application (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP). If you would like your schools curriculum reviewed in accordance with the ECF, please see the ECF application package at www.trontario.org/curriculum-review

Registration Updates 2014

The TRO Board of Directors, volunteers and members have been working hard over the last number of years, and with the information we received from the consultants we hired a few years back, it became apparent that the government is not currently supporting regulation for professions under RHPA (Regulated Health Professions Act). As well, it is very expensive to become regulated under RHPA, and we do not have sufficient membership numbers and funds to currently support this in the province of Ontario. If you would like more information on TRO’s change in direction towards regulation, please visit recent blog post from Sue Verrilli "Regulation in Ontario 2014".

That is not to say we are not pursuing a direction that will elevate our status within the province of Ontario. Other areas that we may pursue include: mandatory registry lists, title protection and certification. Additionally, the registration designation we support is the first step towards elevating our profession, and moving forward, it remains as crucial as ever.

The R/TRO designation was introduced as a stepping stone or precursor to certification/regulation. TRO members
 were looking for a designation to represent excellence in the profession of therapeutic recreation and a commitment to maintain competence in four areas: TR experience, TR education, Professional Affiliation and Professional Contributions.  Even though our strategic priorities have changed, it still remains a tool for us to unify the profession, specifically education standards.

While the registration designation remains a voluntary designation, TRO continues to guide, support, educate and advocate for it’s members by providing direction and advancing the profession (our mission). TRO takes great pride in it’s designation and is committed to setting a high level of standards for members practicing in Ontario.

Education Changes effective September 1, 2015

Announcing R/TRO DIP

One important way we can elevate the profession is by unifying the standards of education for the registration designation. As a membership organization, TRO has responded to the variety of programs being offered at a variety of educational institutions by expanding the registration designation. As of September 1, 2015, R/TRO will have two titles, R/TRO for degree prepared practitioners, and R/TRO DIP for diploma prepared practitioners.

The volunteers on the Practice Review Committee and the TRO Board of Directors works hard for members, and to keep up with emerging trends that will affect the advancement and growth of the profession. The R/TRO and R/TRO DIP designations will ensure applicable academic preparation and appropriate work experience in the Therapeutic Recreation field.

Registration Education and Practical Experience Requirements -effective September 1st 2015

For more details on the R/TRO 2015 changes, members may login to the TRO website and access the previously recorded "R/TRO 2015" webinar and/or download the slides from the 2014 TRO Conference session (W9) "R/TRO 2015" from Past Presentations webpage.

If you have any questions about the education changes, or the registration application, please feel free to contact the Practice Review Committee at practicereview@trontario.org

If you are interested in getting involved please fill out the volunteer application form

Advocating for the Registration (R/TRO & R/TRO DIP) Designation

Why Become Registered with TRO?

Why Hire Registered TRO Professionals?

Letter to Employers 2014

Employer Briefing Letter 2015 - A briefing note was created to educate employers about the addition of the R/TRO DIP designation (effective September 2015), promote our careers section of the website, and define the difference between R/TRO and R/TRO DIP.

Briefing Note to Employers announcing Scope of Practice (2016) -A letter for employers outlining the Scope of Practice and the benefits of hiring a TR practitioner who is a Registered Professional member of TRO (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP).

R/TRO Elevator Statement : TRO Members! Have you ever had trouble explaining the importance of RTRO to others? Do you want an easy way to describe the purpose of this designation? Now, imagine you had two minutes alone in an elevator and your goal is to explain what R/TRO is and why it is important. The Registration Committee has created an elevator statement to bring to light some important points regarding the R/TRO designation.

Download the Registration Application Instruction Packages for full details of how to apply

Frequently Asked Questions about the R/TRO Designation

R/TRO stands for registration with TRO. It is a voluntary credential that indicates you have met a minimum standard of excellence within your Therapeutic Recreation experience, formal education, professional affiliation and professional contributions.  

Yes you do need to be a member of TRO prior to being able to submit your Registration Application package.

In addition to obtaining the minimum points overall and within the other areas of TR experience, professional affiliations and professional contributions, you must obtain a minimum number of points with a variety of education options as per our revised Education Requirements.

Yes you do. You must maintain membership to maintain Registration. Any interruptions to your membership will nullify Registration status.