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Want to be involved in the initiatives of this exciting professional organization? Volunteering with TRO is a great way to learn about and get involved with your association, as well as earn PCC points to use toward your Registration with TRO or maintenance.

Benefits of volunteering with TRO

  • Give back to the organization
  • Network with other TR practitioners
  • Have a voice in the future of TR in Ontario
  • Obtain professional contributions for your Registration (R/TRO or R/TRO DIP) application and maintenance
  • Personal growth 
  • Enhance your resume (employers and schools look favourably upon volunteer experience)

Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact Jenn Steeds, TRO Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer@trontario.org.

Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

TRO’s Board of Directors have devoted the last several months to discussing and learning more about diversity and inclusion – and what that looks like within TRO and the TR profession. 

We want to ensure that all our members – regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, racialized perspective, disability, or sexual orientation – feel a sense of belonging and that they have a voice in this association. 

To translate these intentions into action, we are pleased to announce the launch of TRO’s new Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. The aim of this working group is to provide insight and expertise enabling TRO to foster diversity and inclusion within our association. 

We are looking for at least four members who are passionate about diversity and inclusion to join this working group.  


Call for 2022 Conference Planning Committee volunteers

As part of our member engagement strategy and to ensure that we have broad member representation planning the conference, the board agreed to open up our conference planning committees to include those from the region in which the conference would be held, as well as members from around the rest of the province. 

In addition to meeting new people and learning new skills, other benefits of volunteering include earning PCC points for registration and maintenance, networking with colleagues from around the province, and honing your leadership skills. This leadership experience looks great on a resumé! 

If you are interested in planning a provincial conference, and have time to commit to attending committee meetings (time of day TBD, depending on the committee), please email Jenn Steeds, Volunteer Coordinator.

Sub-committees include facilities, social, volunteers, education, marketing and sponsorship (including the silent auction). 

The 2022 conference will be held June 7-10, 2022. Our first committee meeting will be held June 4 at 12:00 pm.


Volunteer Application Form

Please download and complete the Volunteer Application Form so we can best match your skills and interests with our needs. Return your completed application form to volunteer@trontario.org.