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2023 International Women's Day


We're highlighting some of our amazing TRO members this International Women's Day!

Mental Health Month 2022


This year we are highlighting a great member making moves in mental health.

International Women's Day 2022


TRO's acknowledgement of International Women's Day on March 8, 2022.

Farewell Theresa


10 ways to add laughter and happiness to your facility


Laughter has many positive health benefits: it improves resilience, can quicken healing times, and is a great tool for preventative medicine. Here are 11 great tips to introduce humour-based therapy programs to your facility.

Five reasons why students should run TR Awareness Month events


Students are the future of the TR profession, which is why it's so important they become involved in running their own TR Awareness Month events. Networking opportunities and the ability to earn PCC are just some of the benefits to students who host their own TR Awareness Month event.

Top 5 Reasons to RENEW your TRO Student Membership


TRO has capability to ensure your transition from a student member to a Professional member is both easy and enjoyable. Renewing your membership with TRO will allow you to continue to enjoy the benefits of belonging to Ontario’s only professional association for Therapeutic Recreation. We highlight some of the most exciting benefits of continued membership with TRO below.

Expressive Arts Intervention: Wooden Signs


This program demonstrates how combining an activity (such as creating a custom wooden sign) with meditation and self-reflection can hold therapeutic value for participants.

The Value of Advocacy Pays Off!


In the past year, TRO has been involved in many meetings and presentations related to advocating on behalf of our profession. The question is, does it promote change?

New technologies in TR: How virtual reality is being introduced in the field


to improve physical & cognitive functioning & teach various life skills

The Cure is in the Kindness


"people enjoyed sharing their experiences with me, and receiving their treat, they seemed to equally enjoy the pay-it-forward aspect"

Top 5 reasons to attend the 2018 TRO Conference


Thinking about attending the conference in Ottawa this year?

Advocating for TR in the Schools: Highlights of a Member's Journey


"The principal was interested to learn that recreation and leisure pursuits can be therapeutic..."

R/TRO & R/TRO DIP and CTRS: How similar are they?


Explore some similarities and differences

TRO Conference Experiences


Tips from the 2017 Adrienne Gilbert Student Award of Excellence Winner

A first-timer's perspective on the Annual TRO Conference


I can truly say that I’ve never attended one as genuinely warm, lively and inspiring as the Annual TRO...

Mohawk College hosts "A Framework of Gentle Teaching"


Dr. McCrovits shared the framework with 1st, 2nd year and RT intensive students, as well community partners...

Becoming a TRO Board of Director


"Becoming a Board of Director really opened my eyes to the greater scope of Therapeutic Recreation outside of my day to day job."

Website Update


Due to unexpected service provider interruption. We are launching a new website recognizing that some content is missing.

Members Present to HNHB LHIN


Julie Pollock, R/TRO with Therapeutic Recreation Ontario