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National Volunteer Week - Mattea Mahut

Posted by TRO on 2023-04-19

National Volunteer Week is April 16-22, 2023. TRO is a volunteer-led association, meaning that our volunteers are integral to every working gear at TRO. Our volunteers help by creating a shining community and connecting us all together. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to offer a well-rounded organization. A HUGE thank you for all the hard work that our volunteers have done for us this year. We appreciate the dedication and passion you all have for TR and TRO.


Currently working at Outward Bound Canada, Mattea Mahut is our 2nd volunteer week highlight! Mattea is one of the co-leads for TRO’s Private Practice CoP and has stated that “Helping to build a community and being able to use my creativity to direct the growth and content of that community” is the best experience she has had as a TRO volunteer. The Private Practice CoP has been making a big impact on their community after hosting the 3-day workshop earlier this spring all about how to start, maintain, and grow your own private practice. That event reached TRs in a variety of backgrounds and regions. We’re so grateful for the amazing community that this CoP was able to create! We look forward to seeing how the CoP continues to grow and how Mattea’s volunteer role at TRO also continues to expand.

TRO is happy to offer our members the opportunity to learn and grow through our volunteer experiences. Mattea has said that she has learned a lot more about “administration, communications, outreach, partnership development, time management, meeting coordination, and project management” which are valuable to use in future work opportunities. 

Reach out to Mattea to join the Private Practice CoP and get notified when they meet. They are meeting THIS FRIDAY, so if you’re interested, please contact CoP leads at pp.cop@trontario.org.