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National Volunteer Week - Monica Almas

Posted by TRO on 2023-04-22

National Volunteer Week is April 16-22, 2023. TRO is a volunteer-led association, meaning that our volunteers are integral to every working gear at TRO. Our volunteers help by creating a shining community and connecting us all together. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to offer a well-rounded organization. A HUGE thank you for all the hard work that our volunteers have done for us this year. We appreciate the dedication and passion you all have for TR and TRO. While we were only able to highlight 4 of our amazing volunteers, we recognize how integral they are to every aspect of TRO. On this final day, we want to say one more time how grateful we are that volunteers can support TRO over the past couple of years.


Our final highlight for this week is Monica Almas. Monica is a professor at Mohawk College and is extremely dedicated to TRO. Monica has sat on several committees such as the Awards Committee, Membership Services Committee, past Conference volunteer, and is a past board member. When we asked Monica about what she valued most about being a TRO volunteer, she responded, “I valued the relationships that I made and new connections that were fostered. I was able to network and meet many TRs by volunteering with TRO and it has enhanced my contributions to the field of TR”. Monica has learned so many valuable skills such as data collection, evaluation, media design, interpersonal skills, and communications, marketing, and strategic planning.

While Monica enjoyed her time as a board member and working with the Membership Services Committee, as she thinks about the future, she wants to take more TRO volunteer opportunities to work with students in a way that connects students, recent grads, and TR professionals together to learn and collaborate with one another. Monica wants to see TRO strive towards fostering more connections with students and recent grads to enhance their connection with TRO. We hear this loud and clear and TRO is currently piloting a Student Network program to engage our student members to learn and grow with TRO!


Thank you for your dedication to TRO, Monica!