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TRO Sponsored PCC Application

Therapeutic Recreation Ontario is now offering PCC points for members who attend educational opportunities made available by/to regional groups or facilities. Attendees will be awarded 1 PCC point for every 1 hour of education sessions they attend. Only attendees who purchase PCC points will be able to submit the education session along with PCC transcript for points in their Registration (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) application/maintenance packages. The organizing individual/group must complete the attached application form and send along with an abstract/brochure. 

E-mail your abstract as early as possible to allow for the approval of PCC points to be included in promotional material. 

Acceptance of Application for PCC points: The Practice Review Committee will review all completed proposals and will notify organizers via e-mail within two weeks of receipt of application. To ensure quality outcomes of the education sessions, PCC points will be awarded based on content relevant to PCC code criteria. 

PCC Application Form

PCC Code Glossary


TRO Sponsored Events Learning Objectives

When filling out the application for PCCs for TRO Sponsored events, be sure to include 3-5 learning objectives that delegates will achieve by participating in your conference session. Learning objectives describe what each conference delegate will achieve by the end of your session. Include SMART Learning Objectives, which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. e.g. “Each participant will be able to identify 3 benefits of obtaining a professional designation through Therapeutic Recreation Ontario by the end of the session.”

In the above example, the learning objective is:

Specific because it describes what must be completed  i.e. identify benefits

Measurable, because it describes something that can be measured, e.g. 3 must be identified

Attainable, which should describe something that can be realistically achieved

Relevant or something that would motivate a delegate to achieve it = the number of benefits is both attainable, and something that the delegate would be motivated to achieve

Timely, which in the example above is indicated by “end of the session.”


See more examples from previous sessions below:

By the end of the conference session, each delegate will:

1.      Identify 3 responsibilities of a Residents’ Council Staff Assistant.

2.      Identify 3 major changes in obtaining the R/TRO designation beginning September 1, 2015.

3.      Will be able to perform 5 seated exercises.