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TR practitioners want to be a part of TR research. The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo and TRO want to support practitioners’ desire to contribute to the body of TR knowledge through research. This is the goal behind the Building Research Capacity Toolkit.

This toolkit was designed with busy practitioners in mind. If you are thinking about working on a project on your own or as part of a team, then these resources may be just the hook you or your team need to get started. Some resources include: a poster series highlighting four steps to start research projects, a research FAQ sheet, and resources to help practitioners work on writing skills and integrate research project management within existing workflow. To self-facilitate research ideation within their teams, the toolkit also features an interactive PowerPoint to support practitioners in putting on their researcher hat. 

With abundant innovative TR practices around us, it’s important that practitioners have opportunities to connect with leaders in recreation and leisure research and amplify practitioner voices through research. The team at TRPR is happy to answer questions you may have about writing and research. For inquiries, please contact TROjournal@uwaterloo.ca.