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Welcome to the TRO Research Hub!

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This is a space for TRO members to find a collection of manuscripts regarding therapeutic recreation research, theoretical models for practice, and reviews of current/emerging interventions. To support TR professionals in navigating new literature and facilitating meaningful TR experiences in this continuously evolving profession, the goal of the TR Research Hub is to centralize and organize TR manuscripts for quick access and use in the classroom, practice, and research.

  • Aim: This research hub aims to keep practitioners, students, educators, and researchers up-to-date with newly available research and theory.

  • Catalogue Use: On this main page you will find links for different populations with whom TR practitioners work. When you find a population or topic that you are looking for, click the highlighted link, which will bring you to a PDF containing a list of manuscript titles and abstracts regarding that particular topic. Each item will include a link where you can access the article directly or purchase it from the publisher.


  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s – Research manuscripts and reviews about programming and best-practice methods for working with individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

  • Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities – collection of manuscripts on topics surrounding leisure benefits and therapeutic recreation interventions for individuals living with different diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioural disorders, and learning disabilities.

  • Mental Health – research and review manuscripts on topics surrounding mental health, mental illness and mental well-being. Some topics that are highlighted are depression, stress coping, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Older Adults – articles on topics surrounding leisure and therapeutic recreation for older adult populations in both residential and community settings. These manuscripts cover a variety of topics from active living to TR interventions and implications for successful ageing.

  • Physical Disabilities – articles focusing on how leisure and recreation impact individuals living with a physical disability, spinal cord injury, and traumatic or acquired brain injury and how therapeutic recreation can improve mental and physical well-being through various programming and interventions.

  • Programming Interventions and Other Considerations – different types of programming and intervention methods that can be used with many different populations can be found in this category.  As well, here they will find manuscripts on intervention reviews and assessments, and considerations for future practice.

  • Theory of TR Practice – articles on the theory of TR practice and how theoretical models and concepts can be incorporated into practice.

  • TRO Journal – list of all articles of the TRO Research Annual and Therapeutic Recreation Practice and Research Journal. 

Journals Containing TR-Related Manuscripts

  • American Journal of Recreation Therapy – provides readers with the latest studies and intervention techniques combining theory and practice for those working in mental health, physical and developmental disabilities, children, seniors and eldercare, and veterans.

  • Annals of Leisure Research – offers a broad range of peer-reviewed leisure research manuscripts covering topics from therapeutic recreation to tourism and hospitality to arts and entertainment.

  • Annual in Therapeutic Recreation – provides manuscripts for new and innovative practices and service delivery, reviews of current practices, as well as current issues and trends in TR practice.

  • Canadian Journal of Public Health – covers research in public health practices in Canada surrounding topics and issues of policy, practice and scholarship.

  • Disability & Society – publishes articles surrounding policy changes for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities living in the community.  The journal offers manuscripts on community care and inclusion practices for individuals living with disabilities.

  • The Gerontologist – publishes articles focusing on issues surrounding aging and eldercare from many disciplines on topics such as policy-making, and program and service development.

  • Health Promotion International – publishes articles that work towards providing innovative service delivery, social activism and policy changes in multiple areas of health services to further health promotion around the world.

  • International Journal of Developmental Disabilities – publishes international, peer-reviewed articles covering a wide range of interventions and practice models for helping individuals living with or those caring for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Journal of Aging Studies – offers new theoretical and empirical studies that critique the current methods and practice focusing on the aging experience from a multitude of disciplines.  Articles published in this journal tend to focus on new directions for the social and behavioural aspects of aging.

  • Journal on Developmental Disabilities – is an Ontario-based publication working towards making Ontario an inclusive environment for individuals living with a developmental disability.  As well, this journal offers new and innovative best practice models for educators and practitioners working in this field.

  • Journal of Disability & Religion – publishes both academic manuscripts and reflective articles on the relationship between faith and disability.  These articles provide a theoretical and practical grounding for practice in spirituality and ways to foster inclusive relationships between individuals and their spiritual community.

  • Journal of Leisure Research – publishes scientific and methodological manuscripts for the advancement of leisure studies.

  • Journal of Mental Health Counseling – provides articles on clinical practice, research, emerging trends and issues, and theory and practice for mental health counselors.

  • Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine – publishes a range of manuscripts focusing on practice, policy, education and interventions for practitioners in many different disciplines that work with individuals living with a spinal cord injury.

  • Leisure/Loisir – Canadian journal that publishes peer-reviewed research and theoretical articles, impact analyses and pedagogical models for leisure educators in all areas of recreation and leisure studies on a national and international level.

  • Leisure Sciences – publishes theoretical and methodological articles covering issues such as, the social and psychological aspects of leisure, leisure and gerontology, and leisure and the environment.

  • Leisure Studies – themed publication with articles in the social sciences and humanities disciplines from a variety of theoretical perspectives with leisure as a focus point for all published articles.  Each issue that is published covers a different theme of leisure research.  Some topics that can be found in this publication are tourism, sport, media, and physical and informal activities.

  • Loisir et Société /Society & Leisure – bilingual publication which takes an intersectional approach to looking at leisure and free time for individuals.  Articles published in this journal focus on a wide variety of factors that to take into account such as, economic status, the political environment, family, and communication when providing recreation and leisure programming in a variety of environments.

  • Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders – peer-reviewed journal that publishes manuscripts focusing on best practice methods for those working with individuals living with ASD and how to mediate challenges faced by those with ASD. 

  • Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education – leading publication for educational practices, curriculum and instructing innovations for recreation and leisure studies at the graduate and undergraduate level.

  • Therapeutic Recreation Journal – devoted to publishing empirical and academic research papers for therapeutic recreation practitioners offering innovations on current practice as well as new interventions for individuals with a wide variety of ability levels.

  • Therapeutic Recreation Practice & Research – official journal of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario that gives practitioners and researchers a place to discuss therapeutic recreation research and practice happening in Ontario and across Canada.  Manuscripts published in this journal aim to promote Canadian research as well as advocacy for therapeutic recreation practices from diverse theoretical and methodological frameworks. 

  • World Leisure Journal – publishes empirical research papers on a wide variety topics such as, arts, play, travel and tourism, health and fitness, and celebrations and events.  In addition to research articles, readers will find critical analysis essays, position papers and reviews of previous articles from on an international level.