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TR Awareness Month
February 2023

Therapeutic Recreation: Let Your Passions Flow!

TRO is pleased to present Members with our 2023 TR Awareness Month toolkit full of valuable resources to help you plan your own TR Awareness Month advocacy events and activities.  

This year's updated collection of great resources includes a PowerPoint presentation about TR you can share with clients, employers and your community, a TR posters that you can share both online or by printing and circulating to your contacts, as well as our updated 28 Day TR Challenge and Calendar – a fun way to help you redefine what TR means to you and your community every day during the month of February. 

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As you plan your TR Awareness Month activities and events, please remember to share your happenings with your TRO community! Share highlights from your events on TRO’s TwitterFacebook or Instagram channels using the hashtags


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Many thanks to Blair Chard R/TRO, Alexis More R/TRO, and Katherine Plested R/TRO of the Membership Services Committee for their contributions to the 2023 TR awareness month promotional package of materials.

2023 TR Awareness Month Toolkit

We hope you find these resources useful for your events and activities during TR Awareness Month. 


TR Awareness Month Poster 
We are a range of poster options. Download and print the poster that best fits your area of practice, or use them all to illustrate the variety of ways TR benefits many different populations.

Download all 6 TR Awareness Month posters


TR Information Presentation
Share this with clients, colleagues, your employer (PowerPoint file). 

PDF version available here


Elevator Pitch

Updated for 2023, find some suggestions on how to present information about TR, TRO, and our desingation!


Puzzles & Games
Have fun and learn more about TR at the same time! Print out and give to your clients. 


Inspirational Quotes and Online Resources 


28 Day TR Challenge Calendar
An easy-to-follow daily guide to help you redefine what leisure means to you and your community during February 2023. 


Media & Event Ideas
Helpful tips and ideas for hosting and promoting your own virtual TR awareness events and activities in your community.


Puzzles & Games
Have fun and learn more about TR at the same time! Print out and give to your clients. 

TRO Scope of Practice
You'll find this and other documents to help you advocate for and advance the TR profession on our Professional Documents page


TRO Award Posters

TRO Award Posters 2
Share this with other TRO members. 



More infographics! 

Check our Resources page for more info.

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Visiting your loved ones in care homes during COVID-19

TR Programming Tips & Resources

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Fun, meaningful activities to do at home during COVID-19