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How to Apply

How to submit your designation application for Registration with TRO:

Based on the positive feedback from applicants and our volunteer reviewers, TRO is requiring that all designations applications related to Registration with TRO (initial, appeals and maintenance) be emailed to Stacey Sestric by the indicated application deadlines. 

Ready to submit? Use the checklist to confirm you have all the necessary components. 


We ask that all applicants organize and label their files in the following manner:

Option 1 (preferred):

First name-Last name-Forms
First name-Last name-Support docs (all supporting documents are to be in section order)

e.g Julia Roberts Forms.pdf
     Julia Roberts Support Docs.pdf

Reminder: FORM 4 supporting documents are no longer required when submitting your application. TRO checks your membership status when the application is received.

If you have any questions, contact Stacey Sestric, Designation Administrator.


STEP 1: Download the appropriate Application Instruction Package below

STEP 2: Download and complete the appropriate Application Forms

STEP 3: Complete your application payment here

  • Initial Registration (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) - $165

  • CTRS Path application payment - $75

  • Package return - $25 

  • HST will be added to all fees

All payments related to registration are non-refundable



See the links below for information on the appeal process, forms, and fees.

Application and Appeal Deadlines

Applications and Appeals are accepted based on 4 deadlines per year. Please make sure your application/appeal package is mailed before the indicated deadlines below. If your package is sent after those dates they will be included in the next review period.

Application Deadline 
(must be postmarked by the following dates)

Month of Application Review

January 1st


April 1st


July 1st


October 1st


Please contact the Practice Review Committee Chairs if you need assistance completing the documentation.


Important Updates

  • The Practice Review Committee has revised the initial Registration (R/TRO, R/TRO DIP) application requirements so that you will no longer need to submit your membership certificate as supporting documentation in the Professional Affiliation section. TRO staff will simply confirm active membership status by reviewing your membership number in our system. Check your membership expiry date on your profile page to ensure your membership is active prior to submitting your application package.

  • Please ensure you make a copy of your Application Package for your files, as successful Registration Portfolio Application Packages will not be returned unless you add an administration fee to your application (see application form for details).

  • All Registration payment items are non-refundable