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Congratulations to those who successfully earned their Designation Maintenance!

Please keep your email up-to-date within your profile as those who are due for maintenance will be sent an email outlining when to complete the Designation Maintenance forms. Only those selected for audit will be required to mail supporting documentation for review. 

Your maintenance application is due five years from the original submission date.

Designation (R/TRO) Maintenance

Since TRO’s inception (November 1999), the organization has worked diligently to advance the profession by developing several professional documents including a provincial Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice, Essential Competency Framework and a nationally recognized set of Standards of Practice. TRO is an organization that is based on a grassroots philosophy, and has used a collaborative approach with its members in terms of content and acceptance of these critical documents. The Designation (R/TRO) demonstrates excellence in Therapeutic Recreation.

The Designation Maintenance process demonstrates accountability to the Therapeutic Recreation profession in the province of Ontario through continuing with professional contributions after receiving the R/TRO designation.

The Designation Maintenance process requires that every 5 years, R/TRO designation holders must provide proof of continued learning. This proof is obtained by collecting a minimum 25 professional contribution points within that timeframe

 Designation Maintenance Application

1. Read Designation Maintenance Package

To ensure your Designation remains active, read and follow the instructions in the package below.

Designation Maintenance Instruction Package

2. Purchase the Designation Maintenance Application

Ensure you have logged into the TRO website and click the button below to select your Designation Maintenance Payment at the TRO Store. Don't forget to save your receipt. Please note: all Designation payment items are non-refundable.

Designation Payment

3. SUBMIT Designation Maintenance Forms

Download, complete, SAVE and email your “Designation Maintenance Forms” to trodesignation@trontario.org  prior to your application deadline. We will not accept mailed in Maintenance applications. ONLY those selected for audit will be required to submit printed forms along with supporting documentation to be mailed.

Designation Maintenance Forms (save and email as an attachment)

4. Keep your email up-to-date

Profile Page

Those randomly selected for audit will be notified by email no later than 2 business days after the deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure your email is up-to-date on your profile page.