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You can share these presentations on awareness of TR with clients, colleagues or your employer.

Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Powerpoint

Therapeutic Recreation & Aging


There are a range of poster options. Download and print the poster that best fits your area of practice, or use them all to illustrate the variety of ways TR benefits many different populations.

What is TR?

What are the benefits of TR?

What do TR professionals do?

What is the role of a TR professional?

Where do TR professionals work?

Who is a Qualified TR Professional?


You’ll find documents below to help you advocate for and advance the TR profession.

R/TRO Elevator Statement

Inspirational TR Quotes


Use the information below to help guide your events or media coverage during TR month.

TR Month Challenge

Guidelines for media relations

Sample media cover letter

Sample media news release

TR Awareness Month event ideas

Established in 1999, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is the only professional association that represents Therapeutic Recreation practitioners in the province.

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