Long Term Care and Aging


 Below are resources on the topic of Long Term Care and Aging.


  • Older Adults– articles on topics surrounding leisure and therapeutic recreation for older adult populations in both residential and community settings. These manuscripts cover a variety of topics from active living to TR interventions and implications for successful ageing.
  • The Gerontologist– publishes articles focusing on issues surrounding aging and eldercare from many disciplines on topics such as policy-making, and program and service development.
  • Journal of Aging Studies– offers new theoretical and empirical studies that critique the current methods and practice focusing on the aging experience from a multitude of disciplines.  Articles published in this journal tend to focus on new directions for the social and behavioral aspects of aging.
  • Long-Term Care Home / Retirement Homes Resources(from the Ministry of Long-Term Care)
  • Ethical guidance for people who work in long-term care

Below are resources on the topic of Dementia.