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Want to be involved in the initiatives of this exciting professional organization?

Benefits of volunteering with TRO

  • Give back to the organization
  • Network with other TR practitioners
  • Have a voice in the future of TR in Ontario
  • Obtain professional contributions for your R/TRO or R/TRO DIP application and maintenance
  • Personal growth 
  • Enhance your resume (employers and schools look favourably upon volunteer experience)

Student Benefits of Volunteering with TRO

Many students have benefited from the free TRO Educational Institution Membership your school has purchased. This gives you the opportunity to not only receive information from TRO, but it also provides you with the chance to volunteer your time and skills to help YOUR professional association. We know students are very busy already, but you will receive some fantastic benefits by helping TRO out:

Top 10 Reasons To Get Involved With TRO While You Are A Student

10. Looks great on a resume

9.   Learn more about your future profession

8.   Demonstrates initiative and professionalism to people that might hire you

7.   Opportunity to develop relevant skills

6.   Develop a greater understanding of your professional association

5.   Great to talk about at a job interview

4.   Learn about current issues and trends impacting the profession

3.   Make connections with professionals in the field

2.   Get your name known for when future opportunities become available with TRO

1.   Earn Professional Contribution Credits (PCCs) towards your R/TRO or R/TRO DIP designation

Current Volunteer Opportunities