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Welcome to the TRO Store!

The TRO Store features a range of promotional items including:

  • pens
  • highlighters
  • "I Heart TR" pins
  • stress balls
  • carabiners
  • water bottles
  • USB drives
  • Brochures (FREE to members; non-members wishing to purchase brochures, please contact the TRO office)

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TRO pen/highlighterI heart TR pinKEEP CALM RTS CAN HANDLE IT stress ball

















TRO Promotional Products

Mailing Address

Brochures are free to TRO members, however, due to the high cost of postage, we are now applying nominal shipping fees. 

If you would like a different quantity than what is offered below, contact Shae Cameron at members@trontario.org.  

Non-members, please contact Shae Cameron to place your order.

Please select the appropriate shipping charge below: