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Welcome to TR Speakers' Corner!

Calling all TRO Members:
We want to hear from YOU!

We’re excited to launch a new initiative called TR Speakers’ Corner!

We want to hear YOUR thoughts about what TR means to you. Every few weeks, we’ll post a new TR-related question, and we invite you to answer by video. We’ll post selected video responses on this page and on our social media. 


This is YOUR time to shine!

Share your thoughts on the importance of your work as a Recreation Therapist, and about how you think TR can change lives.

Get excited, get creative, and get ready to hit that record button on your device! 


This month’s question: 

How have you made an impact as a TR in your community during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Here’s how to submit your video response: 
  • Using your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer webcam, record yourself answering the above question. Your video response should be 1 min maximum in length (anything longer than that will create too large a file to send by email).  Select the highest quality video you can shoot (minimum 1080p would be preferred). 

  • Medium close-ups (i.e. head and shoulders) are encouraged. However, wider shots (showing some kind of activity) are also acceptable.

  • Send your video clip to marketing@trontario.org for this month’s question by no later than March 31, 2021.

  • In your email, please include your name, your job title (if applicable), the population you serve (e.g. long term care, mental health, paediatrics, etc.). 

Please note: By submitting your video(s), you authorize TRO to use your video footage and image/likeness to be used for promotional purposes across various formats (TRO website, social media, etc.).
Send your video clip today!