TRO Designation

What is the Designation?

The Designation demonstrates excellence in the field of Therapeutic Recreation (TR). R/TRO is the designation for degree-prepared practitioners. Designated TRO members have met the standards in TR practical experience, formal education, professional affiliation, and professional contributions.

Designated members renew their membership annually and must also submit to a maintenance (Ongoing Professional Contribution) process every 5 years. This demonstrates accountability to the Therapeutic Recreation profession in the province of Ontario through continuing with professional contributions after receiving the Designation. The maintenance program requires that designation holders provide proof of continued learning and professional contributions by collecting a minimum of 25 professional contribution points within the 5 year timeframe.

Who is Eligible for the Designation?

An individual who is:

  • Currently practicing, supervising, educating or on leave from the field of Therapeutic Recreation (for a maximum of 3 years) OR is a recent graduate from the Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation/Leisure Services program.

  • Holds an accepted direct or allied degree or diploma

  • Has successfully achieved the eligibility criteria, demonstrating excellence in the field.

Why Apply for the Designation?

As the field of Therapeutic Recreation continues to grow, it is becoming necessary to provide standardized guidelines for qualifications required to practice. Professionals registered with TRO set the standard in the province of Ontario. Becoming designated demonstrates your commitment to your career and your profession. It signifies that you have achieved excellence as set out by provincial leaders. It also helps unify the TR profession across a variety of service settings and geographic areas. 

TRO’s designation: 

  • demonstrates that you have acquired the knowledge and competency required to practice in the field

  • enhances your credibility to employers and consumers during the hiring process

  • contributes to the advancement of the profession in Ontario

  • connects you to a network of professionals in the field

  • ensures you remain current in your practice through ongoing maintenance of your designation

  • demonstrates your integrity as a Therapeutic Recreation professional

How to Earn your Designation with TRO

Professional members of TRO can earn their designation by submitting an application package to TRO’s Practice Review Committee. Their application is successful if it accrues enough points within the following four criteria:

  • Formal Education: Direct degree or diploma OR an accepted allied degree with a diploma or post-graduate certificate in TR from a recognized post-secondary institution

  • Practical Experience: practical/academic experience providing TR service that complies with the TRO Standards of Practice and TRO Essential Competency Framework (ECF).

  • Professional Affiliation: current membership in good standing with TRO

  • Professional Contributions: ongoing participation in recognized activities that contribute to professional development, and actively supports the growth of the field.

Established in 1999, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is the only professional association that represents Therapeutic Recreation practitioners in the province.

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