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2-1 Designation Updates

TRO is transitioning from 2 designations (R/TRO and R/TRO DIP) to one designation (R/TRO). This change will be effective as of April 2023 application intake and there will be a 2-year transition period. See below for more information on what is changing and stay tuned to this page to see updates. See our webinar outlining the changes here.

All questions can be directed to our Designation email.
Need help with how to fill out the new application form? Check out the video below. Chair of the Practice Review Committee, Vicki Di Giovanni, walks us through how to fill out the application form. If you need further support, please email our Designation email. Additionally, we will be hosting a workshop session at the 2023 conference where we invite you all to bring your computers or tablets to work on your application in real-time with the support of the TRO team.
On February 1, 2023, President Katherine Lee, R/TRO, and Sue Verrilli, R/TRO hosted a webinar titled “Changing to one designation called R/TRO: What does it mean for you?” Questions asked in this webinar are addressed in the FAQ document below.

2-1 FAQ: 

We’ve developed a FAQ document to cover commonly asked questions about the 2-1 designation and its process. Click here to read them all.

2-1 Infographic:

Click here to download the file.