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2020-2021 TRO Board of Directors


The TRO Board consists of elected volunteers who chair the standing committees listed below. Board members are nominated as president-elect (three-year term) or as board members at large (two-year term).


TRO Committees

Click below to download committee descriptions and terms of reference for each of the different TRO Committees.

Governance and Nominations Committee: Provide advice on policy governance matters, the Board’s effective and efficient operations and succession planning.

Terms of Reference

Membership Services Committee: Provide general membership services including information, resources, networking, professional development and membership benefits to all members and prospective members.

Terms of Reference

Executive Committee: Provide governance between board meetings and advice, mentorship and support to the President.

Terms of Reference

Practice Review Committee: Conduct activities, advise and create pathways for Registration, professional development and ongoing education.

Terms of Reference

Finance Committee: Monitor, advise and be accountable to organization’s financial management and reporting risk management as related to other (i.e. contracts).

Terms of Reference

Advocacy Committee: Develop a plan to broaden our reach to various stakeholders, as well as the implementation of advocacy strategies, resources and tools.

Terms of Reference

Professional Development Committee: Develop and implement a strategy that offers quality professional development opportunities to TRO members and non-members who are practising Therapeutic Recreation.

Terms of Reference

Marketing and Communications Committee: To market and promote the advancement of the TR profession.

Terms of Reference

President Advisory Committee ad-hoc committee: The President’s Advisory Committee is an ad-hoc committee that meets at the request of the President to provide advice, mentorship and support to the President, subject to the Bylaws and Board policies. The purpose of this committee is to advise the President on matters relevant to the TRO Board of Directors, its membership and the strategic plan.

Terms of Reference

Therapeutic Recreation Provincial Education Steering Committee (TRPESC) ad-hoc committee: The TRPESC Committee meets at the request of the Board or the Chair to make recommendations to the TRO Board of Directors relating to TR/RT education considerations and the impact of the recommendations on TRO processes. This working committee exists to direct and advance TR education in the province of Ontario in accordance with TRO’s Standards of Practice and strategic direction.

Terms of Reference


TRO Board Profiles ??????

Katherine Plested, R/TRO

Katherine has 10 years of experience working in the Therapeutic Recreation (TR) field. She is a graduate of Brock University, graduating with a Bachelor degree  of Recreation and Leisure Studies, specializing in Therapeutic and Inclusive Leisure (Honours) . She started her career in Halifax, NS and has spent the last 8 years within the company of St. Joseph’s Healthcare London. Her most current position at St. Joseph’s Healthcare is working at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. This position, provides the opportunity to focus on developing and providing meaningful and therapeutic recreation programs using the Leisure and Wellbeing Model as the framework for the practice. She is a Registered Professional member of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (R/TRO).  Katherine is very excited to have joined the TRO board, as she views this opportunity as a place to continue to advocate for the profession of TR and to provide support to TRO members in order to elevate the TR practice.

Past President
Leanne Hughes, R/TRO, CTRS

Leanne has 20 years of experience in Therapeutic Recreation at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre working in various patient care areas. In her most current position, Leanne is the Professional and Education Leader of Recreation Therapy.  She is a graduate of Brock University with a BLRS (Hon) and M.Ed; as well as, Georgian College with a Post-Graduate diploma in Therapeutic Recreation. She is registered with Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (R/TRO) and is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).  Over the past 17 years Leanne has had the opportunity to work in various TRO Board Positions. Leanne is looking forward to working together with TRO members as TRO continues to advance the Therapeutic Recreation profession.

President Elect
Sue Verrilli, R/TRO

Sue Verrilli is a Recreation Therapist at Health Sciences North in Sudbury, Ontario. She has worked on the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit for over 20 years. Since 2010, she has worked part time on the unit and part time with the Northeastern Ontario Stroke Network. Her position as the Community & Long Term Care Specialist takes her across her region assisting organizations in implementing best practices for stroke care. She graduated from the University of Waterloo Recreation and Leisure Studies program in 1987 and has been working in the field since 1992. She is a registered member of TRO (R/TRO). Much of her leisure time is spent with her three boys, usually watching a sporting event.

Lindsey Oretan, R/TRO, CTRS

After five years at the University of Waterloo participating in the co-op program, Lindsey graduated with an Honors B.A. in Therapeutic Recreation with a Minor in Psychology in 2005.  In 2009 Lindsey went through the registration process to become an R/TRO member and went on to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS).  Currently Lindsey is a Recreation Therapist at Grand River Hospital at the Freeport Site in the Specialized Mental Health Program. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two little boys, cat and dog and spends her free time running half marathons and playing ultimate frisbee.