TRO Awards

TRO Awards

Nominations are now open!

This year the Awards Committee is accepting two formats for award nominations: video and written! If you are new to uploading videos to Youtube, use the following instructions:

  • Navigate to YouTube in a web browser.
  • Make sure you are logged in. …
  • Click the Create a video button at the top of the screen. …
  • The video upload page should appear. …
  • Click the large arrow to choose the video file, or you can simply drag the video file onto the page.
  • Please ensure that your video is set to UNLISTED so that we are able to view your video.

Or watch this video.

Note: The Awards Committee reserves the right to use statements and/or quotes from the nominations (if submitting via video, we will pull specific quotes but not use the video submission) for the Awards Ceremony.

Select an award below for more information and how to apply.


Adrienne Gilbert Student Award of Excellence

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of students within and outside of their academic programs. In celebrating the academic and extra-curricular accomplishments of students, we highlight the vast array of experiences and knowledge that these future professionals bring to our field.

2023 Winner: Crystal-Jade Cargill

Brian Bennison Practitioner Award

The Brian Bennison Practitioner Award recipient is a TR practitioner, working in direct client service capacity, who has made significant and outstanding contributions to the field of Therapeutic Recreation through their work, advocacy and/or community involvement. The award is presented to a practitioner who has demonstrated excellence in relation to the Core Values, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice.

2023 Winner: Chelsea Lazar

Innovation in TR Award

(formerly known as the Advanced Practice in TR Award)

This award was created to honour and recognize those individuals in TR who continue to elevate the practice of therapeutic recreation through innovation in research and practice. They have created new programs or documents that everyday practitioners are able to use in daily practice through their evidence based research. This award acknowledges that because of their contribution to TR the profession has been positively impacted.

2023 Winner: No winner selected

Organization Award

This award was created to honour the sole proprietor/education institution/organization who shows outstanding support to the TR profession. This sole proprietor/education institution/organization assists in contributing to TR and elevating the field by supporting innovative programming, education, TR Awareness Month (etc.). The TRO Organization Award highlights an outstanding sole proprietor/education institution/organization who continues to support the growing profession of TR.

2023: Jess Jones Therapeutic Recreation Inc.

Student Mentorship Award

This award is given to an educator, instructor, professor or direct internship/practicum/placement supervisor who has been influential to a student in TR. The successful recipient will be someone who has helped guide a future practitioner in the field of TR through assistance with educational instruction, field placement, etc. and of building the future of this profession.

2023 Winner: Patricia Robson

Volunteer Leadership Award

TRO has been very fortunate to have many hardworking, dedicated and passionate volunteers who give numerous hours of service every year to the organization.  They take on projects big and small that help us live our vision and mission.  This award acknowledges those individuals (or group) that have taken on leadership roles on behalf of TRO.

2023 Winner: Stacy Jowett