Board of Directors

Katherine Lee, R/TRO

Board President

Executive, Advocacy Committee

Katherine Lee (she/her) is the current President of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). Katherine has also served as the 2022/2023 President as well as sitting on the Practice Review Committee (PRC) since 2017. In past years, Katherine has sat on the TRO Conference Committee assisting with both online and in-person conferences holding the positions of Conference co-chair and Program Chair. Presently working and living in the Barrie area as a Recreation Therapist in Acute Care with the older adult population for the past 11 years while starting out in Long Term Care in 2007. Recently taking on a new role as a Consultant  within the People Development, team building and retention department of the organization. Katherine is a mother of 2 boys (5 months and 7 years) and keeps busy with their daily activities, TRO, physical exercise, yoga and loves having family time.

Jenna Davis, R/TRO

Vice President

Executive, Advocacy Committee

Jenna Davis is the current Vice President of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). In the past, she has been on the Professional Develop committee, and has co-chaired two TRO conferences. Jenna lives and works in Barrie, and works with older adults in the community on a Specialized Geriatric Services team. Jenna has two children (ages 7 and 9) who keep her busy with their extracurricular activities. In her free time Jenna enjoys yoga, pilates, and spending time with family and friends. Jenna is honoured to be on the executive committee of TRO and is excited to work towards a positive future for the organization and its members.

Victoria DePass, R/TRO


Executive, Advocacy Committee, Practice Review Committee

Victoria is in her first term of her Board Member role and currently co-chairs the practice review committee. Victoria currently works in forensic mental health; however, she has experience in geriatrics, stroke rehabilitation, acquired brain and spinal cord injury. Victoria’s personal goals are to see TRO become a regulated health professional organization and to run a full marathon before the age of 35. Victoria’s favorite leisure activity is going hiking with her dog, Bailey, and reading a good book with a glass of red wine. Victoria also participates in a running club with her family, hot yoga, two book clubs and enjoying a nice coffee while on a walk with her dog. Victoria sees the future of TR becoming more pronounced and understood in the health care field. She hopes for this practice to be seen as an asset to patient recovery and used as a tool to help rehabilitate those with mental health and addictions back into society.

Yvonne Ng-Gerritsen, R/TRO, CTRS

Executive, Advocacy Committee, DEIB Committee

Yvonne Ng-Gerritsen (she/her) is currently Chair of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) committee and an interim member of the TRO executive committee. Yvonne is a Professor and Program Coordinator at Seneca Polytechnic in the Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation degree program. She has worked in the field of TR for 15+ years. This is Yvonne’s 3rd term serving on the TRO BOD since 2011. Her goal is to collaborate within the field of TR to help advance the profession forward in Canada. Her hope for the future is for EVERYONE to recognize the value of Therapeutic Recreation. In her leisure time, you can find her spending time with family/friends, doing yoga, or reading!

Katherine Plested, R/TRO

Membership Committee

Katherine Plested (she/her) is the past president for Therapeutic Recreation Ontario. Being part of the executive board for the past 6 years; she started her reign as vice president, president for two terms and  presently. She now sits as general board member and past president. During this time she has supported the advocacy committee for 4 years and membership committee for 2 years. Katherine retains her R/TRO designation as she has practiced as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for the past 15 years at St. Joseph’s Health Care- London, with the last 12 years working at Mount Hope Centre for Long Term Care. This past year she transitioned into a coordinator role; where she supports therapeutic recreation, physiotherapy, music therapy, and social work department. Katherine has had a wonderful experience being on the front line working with residents and now growing in her career to lead and inspire the Therapeutic Programs team. Practicing what we preach has always been vital to Katherine; to ensure the value of working hard is balanced with self care and play. Katherine enjoys working out, yoga, hiking and spending time with her partner, Chris, friends and family.

Heidi Slotegraaf, R/TRO

Professional Development Committee

Heidi is the current Chair of the Professional Development Committee and has been a TRO Board Member since 2020. She has been a Recreation Therapist for 23 years and has worked in LTC for 26
years. She is currently the Manager of Program & Support Services at The Ontario-Finnish Resthome Association located in Sault Ste. Marie, ON., home to over 400 senior residents who live in a variety of settings in one of the four buildings on their campus. Heidi enjoys spending summer and winter vacations at her remote camp north of the Soo with her husband and two children, reading, walking, and spending time with her large extended family. She looks forward to supporting TRO, the membership, and all therapeutic recreation professionals, regardless of their area of practice. Living “up north” she also hopes to assist TR’s who may live and work in smaller more remote areas of Ontario to gain more access to TR education opportunities to further their careers in TR.

Callum Thomson, R/TRO

Membership Committee

Callum co-chairs the membership committee along with Katherine P. Since joining the field Callum has worked in long-term care and mental health settings. Currently he works in a non-profit mental health transistional program in Toronto. When not working he enjoys any and all opportunities to enjoy the outdoors- whether thats biking along the waterfront or hiking with his wife. His goal for TRO is to reach a new level of transparency with its members and ensure all our initiatives and successes are shared. He hopes to continue building on the work already done by TRO and push the field to new level of respect amongst health practitioners and decision makers.

Erin Apothecary-Reid, R/TRO

Professional Development Committee

Erin Apothecary Reid has been on the Board of Directors for a total of 4 years (2 terms). She has been on Professional Development committee and enjoys offering opportunities for continued knowledge for all members and TRs. She has worked within Long Term Care and Retirement Home as a Recreation Therapist for a total of 8+ years and has always been passionate about supporting older adults living with dementia and/or neurological conditions. She appreciates learning about one’s past interests and creating new opportunities for clients and improving quality of life. Erin loves thinking outside of the box and helping others. She is typically smiling and excited to engage with others as she leads with empathy. She enjoys dancing, laughing and spending time with friends/family. Her goal for TRO is to support collaboration as a whole and continued growth within our profession for all scopes of practice. Erin supports Erie St Clair Region as the BSO (Behavioural Supports Ontario) Regional Education Coordinator.

Vicki Di Giovanni, R/TRO

Practice Review Committee

Vicki is the current Chair of the Practice Review Committee and has been a Board Member since 2020. Prior to joining the Board of Directors, Vicki was a volunteer with the Practice Review Committee. Her area of therapeutic recreation has been working in long term care for 25 years. During that time, Vicki has worked as a clinician and in leadership. She is currently in the academic field as an educator at her local college. Vicki’s leisure activities include spending time with her niece and nephews and cheering them on in their many sports endeavors, spending time with her 2 dogs, reading and crafting. It is an exciting time at TRO with the membership engagement initiative and she looks forward to supporting TRO, the membership and all therapeutic recreation professional into the future.

Suneel Saini, R/TRO

Professional Development Committee

Suneel Saini is on the Professional Development committee. In the past, he has also been co-chair on the Conference Committee. Since joining the field, Suneel has worked in the mental health setting. In his free time Suneel enjoys going for a run and playing basketball or simply spending time with friends and family. He hopes to continue building on the work already done by TRO and push the field to new and higher levels of respect in the healthcare field.

Established in 1999, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is the only professional association that represents Therapeutic Recreation practitioners in the province.

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