Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee develops and implements strategies that offers quality professional development opportunities to TRO members and non-members who are practicing Therapeutic Recreation.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Heidi Slotegraaf (Chair), Suneel Saini, Jessica McNeilly, Erica Arbour, Frida Rocio Zebadua Vera and Genna Wright.


Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee develops plans to broaden TRO’s reach to various stakeholders, as well as the implement advocacy strategies, resources and tools.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Katherine Lee (Chair), Victoria DePass, Yvonne Ng-Gerritsen, Allison Parker, Karen Faragher, Nicholas Kathen, Kristen English, Stephen Corradino, Alicia Kuhr, Blair Chard, Dilip Ghosh, Navya Dewan, Navjot Kaur and Tyra Hoard.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Committee

The DEIB Committee uses the guiding principles of unity, curiosity, respect, openness, empathy, and courage.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Yvonne Ng-Gerritsen (Chair), Chelsea Lazar, Amanda Smart, Mary Anne Afable, Nicholas Kathen, Bethesda Galindez, Debbie-Ann Fender, Hashan Fontaine and Rhiannon Buffett.


Therapeutic Recreation Provincial Education Steering Committee (TRPESC) Ad-hoc Committee

The TRPESC Committee exists to direct and advance TR education in the province of Ontario in accordance with TRO’s Standards of Practice and strategic direction.

Terms of Reference

Membership Services Committee

The Membership Services Committee provides general membership services including information, resources, networking, professional development and membership benefits to all members and prospective members of TRO.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Callum Thompson (Chair), and Caitlin Emberley.


Practice Review Committee (PRC)

The Practice Review Committee conducts activities, advises and creates pathways for Registration, professional development and ongoing education.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Vicki Di Giovanni (Chair), Victoria DePass, Jessica Sue, Montana Goldrup and Tara Hill.




Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides governance between board meetings and advice, mentorship and support to the President.

Terms of Reference

Committee volunteers include: Jenna Davis (President), Victoria DePass (Vice-President), Yvonne Ng-Gerritsen (Secretary), and Katherine Lee (Past-President),


Established in 1999, Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO) is the only professional association that represents Therapeutic Recreation practitioners in the province.

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