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Pride Resources for Recreation Therapists

Special thanks to Tiana Demma, St. Lawrence College student, for their creation of Pride program resources across the lifespan.

Upcoming DEIB Events

The Equity-Deserving Practitioners Wellness Group will be resuming in the fall.

Do you identify as a Black, Indigenous, person of colour, and/or as a member of the 2SLGBTQIA++ community? If so, join DEIB committee members, Amanda, and Nick for our monthly wellness group! Together, we will cultivate a space of community centered on the commitment to strengthening our shared voice through kindness, inclusivity, and care for one another. All you need to bring is yourself, your spirit, and perhaps a snack or two!

Everyone is welcome (including non-TRO members). No registration is required.

Glossary of Terms


Linked above is a list of commonly used terms in Anti-Oppression Anti-Racism work. Terms and definitions are tricky in this work because they are always changing and evolving, as does the work. The terms below are curated with the best efforts of TRO’s DEIB committee and should not be considered exhaustive and or even correct. It is always important to check in with people, people who use your services, groups and co-workers about how they understand these terms and most importantly how they themselves wished to be defined or identified. The definitions below come from a variety of sources, most notably the work done by several academic departments within University of Toronto, including the Department of Public Health and the Department of Medicine.

TRO’s DEIB Committee reflects on the knowledge and lived experiences of it’s members. If you would like to submit a revision or new term to be included in this resource please email your suggestion to

DEIB Icebreaker and Learning Activities

DEIB Committee Icebreakers and Learning Activities

Linked above are exercises have been collected by various contributors with connection to TRO’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee. Some of these exercises have been suggested based on the experiences of the contributor, as a participant or facilitator of the activity. While several activities have been collected with a link or reference for more information, it is possible that several similar activities or resources exist. The authors believe that it is up to the reader to determine how to best implement the activity with most relevance to their own life or area of practice, while giving their best effort to maintain the essence of the activity in the spirit of fostering awareness of all issues related to DEIB.

TRO’s DEIB Committee reflects on the knowledge and lived experiences of it’s members. If you would like to submit an icebreaker or learning activity to be included in this resource please email your suggestion to


Click on the links below to view TRO’s webinars on topics related to Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion. Webinars are available for free or with a PCC transcript for $15.

The Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Recreation Therapist: Building Saf(er) Spaces to Live, Work and Play

Safe to Brave: The Importance of Language in Trauma Informed Spaces

TRO Stories D&I

DEIB Awareness Calendar

TRO’s DEIB Committee creates social media posts for a variety of holidays throughout the year. If you would like TRO highlight a particular holiday you celebrate, please email your suggestion to


Suggested Reading/Listening List


Indian Act: Residential School Plays by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard

Unmasking Autism by Dr. Devon Price

Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown

How not to drown in a glass of water by Angie Cruz

Stamped: Racisim, Anti-racism and You by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X. Kindi


Heavy by Kiese Laymon

Hunger by Roxanne Gay

What doesn’t Kill You by Tessa Miller

Good Talk by Mira Jacob

Raising a RARE girl by Heather Lanier

Sitting Pretty: The view from my ordinary resilient disabled body by Rebekah Taussig

My Own Blood by Ashley Bristowe

I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown

STAND: A memoir for activism. A manual for progress by Kathryn Bertine


Cornell Inclusive Exellence Podcast by Erin Sember-Chase and Toral Patel from the Department of Inclusion and Belonging, University of Cornwell

Don’t Call Me Resilient by Vinita Srivastava, Dannielle Piper, Krish Dineshkumar, Jennifer Moroz, Rehmatullah Sheikh, Kikachi Memeh, Ateqah Khaki, Scott White, from The Conversation Canada

BIPOC Outside by Kris Cromwell

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