Student Mentorship Award

Award Description

This award is given to an educator, instructor, professor or direct internship/practicum/placement supervisor who has been influential to a student in TR. The successful recipient will be someone who has helped guide a future practitioner in the field of TR through assistance with educational instruction, field placement, etc. Mentoring students is a very important part of building the future of this profession.


This award was created in 2015 to recognize educators who play an important role in the future of TR by guiding and supporting their students.

Nomination Criteria

A nominee must…

  1. be a current TRO member
  2. not be on the Board of Directors

A nominator must…

  1. be current TRO student members or TRO student members who have since graduated from a TR program in the last 12 months and are nominating their educator/instructor/professor or direct internship/practicum/placement supervisor
Selection Process

The Awards Sub-Committee consists of a minimum of three volunteers including: at least one representative from the Professional Development Committee and up to six TRO members (TRO’s Communications Coordinator is an ex-officio member).

It is responsible for reviewing TRO award nominations and will forward recommendations for approval to the TRO Board of Directors. The selection committee will identify if there is a conflict of interest with any of the award categories, any persons with a conflict of interest will not be part of the discussion and decision-making process for that award.

Past Winners
  • 2023: Patricia Robson
  • 2022: Kelly Bulley
  • 2021: Mara Swartz
  • 2019: Stephen Holloway
  • 2018: Stacey Sestric
  • 2017: Sarah West
  • 2016: Karen Grauer
  • 2015: Karen Hirshfield

The Winner Receives

  1. One Complimentary TRO membership renewal
  2. Professional Contribution points for initial Registration (R/TRO) application (awarded = 2, nominated = 2, to a maximum total of 4 points)
  3. Recognition at the Annual TRO Conference Awards Ceremony
  4. Recognition on the TRO website, newsletter, and social media

Nominations closed on February 29, 2024

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